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The best Android phones under $300 right now!

We're a virtual company made up of tech experts from across the globe. We live and breathe Android phones, and use nearly every one to find the best sub-$300 picks.

The Moto G6 offers the best bang for your buck around with great build quality, surprisingly decent dual cameras, and a super-clean build of Android Oreo. With support for all major U.S. carriers, it's also one of the most widely compatible phones you'll find in its price range.

Our Pick

Moto G6

$235 from Amazon

Well-rounded and afforable.

The Moto G6 has just about everything you could ask of a phone at this price. The software is clean yet clever with the addition of Moto Actions and Moto Display, and it's quick to recharge with Motorola's TurboPower charging.

Who should buy this phone?

Shoppers on any carrier looking for a clean software experience. The Moto G6 runs a virtually stock build of Android Oreo, with a few added conveniences from Motorola. It also has decent specs, including a Snapdragon 450, 32GB of expandable storage, and 3GB of RAM, and you can even upgrade to 64GB and 4GB of RAM without going over $300.

Is it a good time to buy this phone?

Definitely. The Moto G6 was just announced back in April, so we shouldn't expect to see another model for about eight months.

Reasons to buy

  • Clean, convenient software
  • Great build quality for the specs
  • Supports all major carriers
  • Upgraded model still costs less than $300
  • Large 18:9 display

Reasons not to buy

  • No NFC
  • Occasional software hiccups
  • Motorola has a terrible track record with software updates

There are other great sub-$300 options

The Moto G series is always a great value, but that doesn't mean the G6 is a perfect phone. It isn't likely to receive any major software updates in the near future, and its design still features a giant camera dome that makes the phone rock back and forth on a table like no other. Luckily, it isn't the only good deal around.

Modern chic

Huawei P20 Lite

$280 from Amazon

Taking design cues from 2018 flagships.

The P20 Lite has a gorgeous reflective glass-and-metal design with a high screen-to-body ratio and, yes, a notch. It won't work on CDMA carriers, but AT&T and T-Mobile customers can enjoy its speedy performance and eye-catching looks.

The P20 Lite certainly doesn't look like a phone that costs just $280, but here it is, available in four great colors. The Kirin 659 chipset is speedy and powerful, and the 3000mAh battery provides excellent longevity. Stock Android purists may not love its EMUI software, but it's at least running on top of Android 8.0 Oreo.

Android One

Nokia 6.1

$257 from Amazon

Motorola isn't the only one doing stock Android.

Nokia is back in the game with a refreshed Nokia 6 that offers far better performance and battery life. Because it runs Android One, the Nokia 6.1 runs delightfully barebones software with the promise of timely updates.

You can't ask for much more from a sub-$300 phone than the Nokia 6.1. The 5.5-inch 1080p LCD display looks fantastic, and it has one of the better cameras in its segment. On top of that, Nokia releases monthly security updates to keep its phones protected — a rarity for low-cost phones.

Bottom line

Phones are getting better for cheaper than ever before, and these three are some of the best you'll find under $300. The P20 Lite is designed like a 2018 flagship, and the Nokia 6.1 arguably offers the best experience of the bunch, though it's only available on GSM carriers.

For a great Android experience that will work on virtually any carrier, look no further than the long-lasting, widely available Moto G6.

Updated August 2018: Replaced the Moto G5S Plus with the Moto G6, and added the Huawei P20 Lite and Nokia 6.1.

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